"Jerusalem through the Stereoscope": Blick über Jerusalem nach Südwesten von der nördlichen Stadtmauer

Bildagentur Underwood & Underwood

Fotografische Sammlung
Fotografie (s/w)
Fotografie auf Albuminpapier, auf Karton montiert
Jerusalem ca. 1895 bis 1906
Höhe: 9 cm Breite: 17.8 cm Motivmaß s. Klassen
S.r. Warenzeichen: Sonne, darin "Sun Sculpture / Trademark"; darum: "Works and / Studios / Arlington N.J. / Westwood N.J."
s. Beschreibung
o.l. (im Druck): "3090. We are standing on the northern wall of / Jerusalem, near the Damascus Gate, looking southwest / over the city. It is the Christian quarter we see / stretched out before us. / ´´There is almost a melancholy monotony in these / little one-story and two-story houses, with their bulg- / ing domes. That house almost under us is a typical / Oriental dwelling. You can see that it fronts upon a / court, that it has a platform on a part of the roof, and / that it has a ´large upper room´ under the roof (Mark / xiv. 15). The tall building on the right, with a pointed / tower, is the Greek conyent; that on the left, with a / large dome and a smaller one, is the Church of the / Holy Sepulchre, which millions of the Christian world / believe - although scholars disagree about it - covers the / site of the Cross and the Tomb of Jesus Christ. Di- / rectly beyond the large dome we see the Tower of / David. The Jaffa Gate is a little to the right of the / Tower. / ´´Look back through the centuries and see here an- / other Jerusalem - a city ´beautiful for situation´ / (Psalm xlviii. 2). See Abraham, father of the faith- / ful and friend of God, giving homage to Melchizedek / as King, and paying tithes to him as Priest of the // Most High (Genesis xiv. 17-20). See Abraham´s de- / scendants four hundred years later, now grown to a / mighty host, sweeping past this city in a swift march / of conquest (Joshua x: 1-10; 16-25). See David´s pal- / ace rising yonder, not far from the spot where the / Tower of David now stands. The Jerusalem of today / is a ´lorn Syrian town,´ but the Jerusalem seen by / the inward eye is the Holy City, the centre of the / world´s interest." / See ´´Travelling in the Holy Land,´´ by J.L. Hurlburt, D.D." u.l. (im Druck): "Jerusalem, the City of Zion (1 Chron. xi, 5). / Jérusalem, la ville de Sion (1 Chronio xi, 5). / Jerusalem oder Zionsftadt (1. Chronika xi,5). / Jerusalén ó ciudad de Zion (1 Crónica xi, 5). / Jerusalem, Zion´s Stad (1 Krön. xi,5). / [kyrillisch]"
Fotografie (s/w), Stereoskopie, Querformat.

o.M. (im Druck):"11" l. (im Druck):"Underwood & Underwood, Publishers. / New York, London, Toronto.Canada, Ottawa.Kansas" u.r. (im Druck):"(11)-3090-Jerusalem, the City of Zion´´ - southwest from the northern wall / - Palestine. Copyright Underwood & Underwood."

Die Fotografie zeigt den Blick über die Dächer einer Stadt (Jerusalem) mit diversen Sakralbauten im Hintergrund. Links im Bild ist eine große Kuppel zu erkennen und rechts davon erhebt sich ein Turm. Im vorderen Bereich der Aufnahme befinden sich überwiegend ein- oder zweigeschossige Kubusbauten. Der Stadtteil im Vordergrund ist das christliche Viertel Jerusalems.

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